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It was not for the first time, but I've been to this place many times. I'll always fall short of words if I have to describe its beauty. Every time I've visited this place it has always gifted me with some of its most beautiful frames which was to be experienced and at the same time photographed to treasure it forever. I was not born here but in this village was where my Granny lived and most of my childhood days were spent here amidst the greenery. I'm sure by seeing this scenic beauty you might be thinking which place is this isn't it, well the village I'm talking here is about Tetonbari village which is in Sonitpur district in Assam (North-East).

Arunachal Pradesh is just 14 Kms from Tetonbari village one can reach there traveling through the beautiful tea estates on the way which are Nirmala Tea Estate and Dufflaghur Tea Estate and the hills which can be seen in this image is where Arunacahl Pradesh starts from.

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rupam sarma said…
Amazing view. Nice to read your post.
Such a scenic place this is, love the charms of our Indian villages! :)
Thank you so much @Rupam da and @2traveling sisters :-)

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