Weekend road trip..

We (me and my friend Shekhar) started off from Guwahati at about 6.30 am for this "Weekend trip". I didn't knew the route but my friend did. Though I had mixed feeling on how this trip would be, but the excitement to go to a place which I've never visited was much higher. As we started early there was not much city traffic which is pretty good if you want to go to a place with those twist and turns which is a bit far from the city. As we reached Barapani (Umiam lake) view point, we got down from our car to have garam chai (hot tea) and got to feel that cool breeze gently blowing outside and by the time we finished our tea we were all charged up to cover up the distance with the freshness the place had.

Umiam Lake | Meghalaya | India
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So, we were back again to hit the road and took the Shillong - Cherrapunjee route, continuing on that road there is a place called "Umtyngar" from there you'll have to take a left turn else if you continue going straight you'll reach Sohra (Cherrapunjee).

After taking the turn on Mawlynnong route I told Shekhar that this road is almost same as the Cherrapunjee and then he told me just wait for few minutes, you'll get to know why this route is so special and then after few minutes I was just amazed to see the view. Below are some images of that scene. :-D

We got down from our car to actually feel the beautiful weather outside and of course to take photographs, it was so beautiful if I really have to describe it my words will fall short, and would suggest you all to experience it by yourself first. Because this side of the region has a lot to offer and I'm happy that many tourists are nowadays visiting #NorthEastern region of India to know about this place, about it's culture, people and of course to take a break from their busy schedule and to just relax. Well northeast is here to offer you an excellent holiday break.

So, when we finally reached Nongshyrngan the view was like this (image below).

By seeing this clouds I literally thought that it will remain like this only. So, we took a quick decision that we will go to Mawlynnong which was not far from that place and the moment we reached that place, I couldn't believe that the first three images which I've put up here were so refreshing compared to that the weather in Mawlynnong was hot and humid. So, from the place where we parked our car we walked few distance in search of the "Living root bridge" which is very famous tourist attraction place there, but unfortunately we took the wrong way and we were like ARE WE LOST.!! (hahaha) :-D

But thankfully we met some local people on the way who were kind enough to guide us the right way to the Living root bridge and thereafter without any problem we reached this beautiful place via Nongriat village.

Living Root Bridge | Mawlynnong | Meghalaya

So, after spending more than two hours there we got back to our car, and we were about to reach Nongshyrngan we looked up to the sky and this time the weather was just perfect to take landscape shots and I'm sure you can pretty much guess by seeing the pic below. I took this shot with my #GoPro mounted on the rear windshield.
Nongshyrngan | Meghalaya | India

As you've reached the end of this post. I'll have to say bye to you and thank you so much for stopping by. I'll soon come up with more travel posts on my blog here and I hope you'll visit again. :-)



Kalpanaa M said…
Loved your photos of Meghalaya. I too had a fabulous trip there a couple of years ago.
Gautam Brahma said…
Thank you so much @Kalpanaa ji. :-)
rupam sarma said…
Great to read Gautam. Awesome pics from Meghalaya.
Gautam Brahma said…
Thank you so much @rupam da :-)

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