A frame with a feeling of completeness

Udayachal Hills | Guwahati | Assam

Sometimes when you have less plans going far from the city, but luckily there are some places in the city itself where you can go with friends or alone (if you want to) and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

I still sometimes think if I would have gone out from the city that day, I won't have never got this image or got to feel this beautiful moment at that point of time. I still look at this image when I go through the archives and every time I look at it, it gives me a feeling of completeness and freedom which this image wouldn't have without the bird flying as seen on this image, but at the time when I was framing this shot through the viewfinder that bird was not there, which luckily got clicked when I pressed the shutter and this frame gives me a dreamy kind of a feel and that's what fascinates me more about taking photographs where you inner artist really comes to life.

Thank you everyone for stopping by. See you soon with a new blog post. :-)



rupam sarma said…
Awesome click Bro.
Keep sharing your beautiful photos.
magiceye said…
Gorgeous frame! Yes a complete one!
Gautam Brahma said…
Thank you so much @rupam da and @Deepak ji :-)

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