On a cold winter morning

I'm still having chills as I'm recalling the time we started off from Majuli Island to Sibsagar. Trust me it was completely too foggy where the visibility was a mere 5-10 meters and we were on our bikes to catch the first ferry from Kamalabari Ghat as we had to first reach Jorhat town to have our meal where we were staying and to freshen up as quick as we can, as I've heard from my friend the road were not that good to Sibsagar and as we had to return from Sibsagar to Jorhat town.

And here in this photograph is my friend Rituraj who helped us in covering up this whole road trip as we started off 1 day before from Guwahati to Jorhat then to Majuli and then continuing to Sibsagar. The place here in the photograph is of Talatal Ghar in Sibsagar which was initially built to serve as an army base and of all Ahom ruins this is one of the grandest examples of Tai Ahom architecture.

Though the roads were tough enough to test our nerves, we the whole team of NorthEast Cinepixls want to thank Rituraj for being with us through out this journey making it a successful one. Thank you bro thank you so much.

Waiting to meet you soon for more adventurous road trips.

Thank you everyone for stopping by. :-)

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