Beauty of a morning

Some mornings are so beautiful, I can keep looking at it for hours and dream about it without worrying about anything and this hence proves that you don't have to travel always to get good pictures or something which transforms you in a different way, which makes you feel fresh all day.  And all this happened to me one fine morning as I woke up early and went outside for some fresh air and when I looked on the other side, saw this amazing cloud formation. So, I rushed inside and grabbed my phone and took few shots of this beautiful cloudscape without wasting any time, because I knew it would last only for few minutes and somehow was able to capture this beautiful scene, as it is very rare to see this kind of cloud formation.

Place: Kokrajhar, Assam, India

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magiceye said…
A stunning photograph!
Gautam Brahma said…
Thank you so much @magiceye (Deepak ji) :-)
rupam sarma said…
Amazing view. Fantastic click Bro.
Gautam Brahma said…
Thank you so much @rupam da :-)

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