This is where I belong..

"Always love the place where you belong to."

When I started photography one thing was very clear to me and that was I love my place and this is where I belong and where my roots are and that's Assam and the best way to showcase it would be to photograph the places I visit and then I started my first blog in the year 2009 (not this one Photography & Designs). Where I was introduced to a huge number of excellent bloggers from all over India and abroad through Indiblogger and yes you guessed it right my blog was on photography :-) and yes my friend since the day I started till now it has been a long journey. Hope by going through my blog or on my Instagram gallery I'm sure that my Assam my Northeast will make you feel that to witness the beauty of this place and its culture you have to be here.

This landscape was photographed in Bedeti, Biswanath (Sonitpur), Assam

Thank you for stopping by. :-)


rupam sarma said…
Awesome pic.
Keep sharing beautiful post & pics.

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